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Girls’ High is gala ready

Bertie Jacobs
It’s been 53 years and a bit of reconstruction, but Girls High is now equipped to host swimming events that meet the needs of the prolific paddlers that this school annually produces. The school’s pool was built in 1959 and measured in yards, when converted, approximately 23 meters in length and 12 meters across.

It was way back when we sang the Queen’s and the imperial unit was the norm, hence the yards. With the help of Marine Pools and financial backing by the Lotto, the pool has been lengthened, widened and levelled to meet global standards.

The levelling was necessary as it reduces undercurrents, which is the case if there is a shallow and deep end, and makes for a faster pool.

“We are a swimming school, it is a sport we take very seriously,” said headmistress Eliza Meyer. “With our new pool we’ll be able to host gala events and continue to produce class swimmers, The pool will be officially opened with a gala event in September when the nippy weather has subsided.